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69 billion dildo-meters from the Kryptos Star, it’s known for its red sand deserts, scorching heat, and frequent firestorms.

Tooty Cluster - The Red Planet

grounded, survival, vital, passion

Tooty Cluster is a deep red, desert-like sand planet with very little water. If you search hard enough, you can find pyramid-like structures, full of hidden treasures, floating above the sand with water flowing from their peaks. Tooty Cluster is closest to the Kryptos Star, which leads to the deep red color as well as the extreme heat. The planet refreshes itself with fire storms. The plants, dried flowers, tumbleweed, and cactus-like organisms, have adapted to survive the fire and contain the water necessary for survival within their roots or bodies.

Humans that feel most at home on Tooty Cluster are those that are most connected to their physical survival. They are quick to sense danger, adapt to new surroundings, and their survival instincts are sharp. Inhabitants often have strong leadership skills and display intense courage and strength. They are realistic, grounded, and put their needs for survival above all else. Sometimes, this can make them seem a bit selfish. But once their basic needs for survival are met, inhabitants of Tooty Cluster are able to embrace and chase their ‘higher’ needs - love and spiritual fulfillment.

Journey to unusually beautiful planets that are visually stunning, wonderfully strange, and endlessly fascinating in a universe that is ever-expanding.

Discover mysterious gems that evolve based on their surroundings !

Explore an ever-expanding universe centered on identity and acceptance.

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Absolutely not! Everyone of any identity is welcome to join our community. We believe that by creating an inclusive and accepting galaxy, we can provide a safe haven for everyone - allies, friends, family members, and queer people alike. Whatever your story is, you're welcome here. 💖